Mojave Foundation’s Joyce Nash is honored as Supervisor’s Constituent of the Month

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Congratulations to Joyce Nash for being selected as Kern County District 2 Supervisor Zach Scrivner’s Constituent of the Month in September!

Joyce, along with boyfriend, Ryan, moved from Atlanta, Georgia to California when Ryan was offered a job with Scaled Composites in Mojave. Joyce began working with The Mojave Foundation in June 2014, after researching non-profit organizations in the local area. Joyce has been busy writing grants for the Mojave Foundation, both for general funds, and for her biggest project – the Mojave community gardens. Joyce has been a great asset to The Mojave Foundation as she has assisted with daily tasks that are required to run a non-profit organization.

Joyce enjoys reading, cooking, and sewing. Her favorite foods are hot dogs and pizza.
Her dedication and enthusiasm about Mojave is apparent to anyone that interacts with Joyce. Feel free to stop by The Mojave Foundation office to introduce yourself.

One fun fact about Joyce: she can parallel park like a pro!

Read Supervisor Zach Scrivner’s newsletter HERE


3 thoughts on “Mojave Foundation’s Joyce Nash is honored as Supervisor’s Constituent of the Month

  1. Susan Fortuna

    Congratulations to Joyce! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this little ball of energy and enthusiasm. Mojave is lucky to have her working with the Mojave Foundation for the betterment of this town. Can we clone her?

  2. mojavefoundation Post author

    We are so proud of Joyce and Marlena, and their tireless dedication to our community. These are talented ladies, and Mojave is lucky to have them volunteer to dedicate their passion and skills to this community. Please stop by the office and tell Joyce and Marlena how much we appreciate them working so hard for Mojave. – Todd Quelet


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