Functional Areas

There are four major factors individuals consider when deciding whether to move to an area: (1) Security, (2) Housing, (3) New Businesses and (4) Beautification. We have adopted two activities for each of these factors to ensure that we make measurable progress in each of these functional areas within a reasonable amount of time. Click on each functional area to see the supporting activities.

MF Func Area - Security improving public safety in Mojave by organizing a volunteer police unit, and working with local residents and businesses to install security cameras and lighting.

MF Func Area - Housing promoting healthy neighborhoods and sustainability by cleaning and securing vacant homes, removing hazardous structures, and educating residents on how to build and upgrade their homes in environmentally-friendly ways.

MF Func Area - New Business bringing lifestyle businesses and critical services to Mojave by teaching local residents how to start their own business (coffee shop, restaurant, fitness center, day care, cleaning service, plumber, etc.) and actively recruiting service providers to locate here (medical clinic, dentist, legal services, CPA, etc.).

MF Func Area - Beautification developing high visibility community parks and gardens to promote social and environmental health, and keeping our neighborhoods free of graffiti and vandalism.