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Volunteer Police Squad Graduates Academy

CSUNovember 16: Mojave’s own Citizen Service Unit (CSU) graduated the required police academy this Saturday, held at the Mojave Air & Space Port. This month’s class contained 18 volunteers from several communities throughout Kern County. Mojave had 7 volunteers go graduate the academy, as part of the first multi-member team of CSU volunteers in Mojave in years. Volunteers will be sworn in on December 5th, and will be in uniform and on the street patrolling Mojave’s neighborhoods soon.

Next Entrepreneurship Workshop: Thursday, Nov 21th

Workshop RaimoneThe Mojave Foundation is proud to continue offering these free informational sessions to the public, helping aspiring business owners to draft a business plan, secure financing, select a location, and hire local employees. These workshops have already inspired several businesses to start here in Mojave, and we expect many more in the next several months. This week’s workshop will be led by Raimone Roberts of the Small Business Development Center in Los Angenles. Raimone will cover the basics of writing a financial outline for your business plan, and help entrepreneurs develop their “elevator pitch”, which is designed to help business owners clearly articulate what they do in 30 seconds or less. The next class will be at Anthony’s Grill, right next to Stater Bros., and will start at 6pm on Thursday, November 21st.

Tragedy Strikes Mojave, Residents Rally

November 18: A young girl was tragically killed by a vehicle while crossing highway 58 on Monday morning on her way to school. The driver of the vehicle was on his way to work, and likely blinded by the sun and could not see the young girl. The community of Mojave is in Morning, and residents are asking what they can do for the family. The high school is currently receiving donations; for more information please call Kressa Coy at 661-824-4088, The Elks Lodge is also having a bake sale at 10am on Saturday as well as a fundraising dinner from 5 to 7pm Saturday evening.

This is the third deadly accident in Mojave in 2 weeks. On the evening of November 6th, a man was hit by a car crossing the highway near Stater Bros. The man was dead until a nurse driving by stopped and performed CPR, and brought the man back to life. The man was riding his bike after dark, and the driver could not see the man crossing the road. On the evening of November 8th, a car was hit by another vehicle while conducting a U Turn, and one of the occupants was then hit by another car while seeking help. Visibility is a common problem in Mojave, where there is a particularly large density of pedestrian traffic, in a town surrounded by highways with vehicles traveling at high rates of speed. The Mojave Foundation is determined to make this community safer, and more compatible with pedestrian traffic by increasing overhead street lighting, reducing vehicle speeds, and introducing cross-walks in key pedestrian corridors. To support this initiative or offer some additional suggestions, please email

Local Resident Fixes Dangerous Bus Stop

Bus stopNovember 13: After seeing cars whizzing by her street at 60mph, Charlotte Bozman noticed that the children were dangerously close to the road while waiting for the bus in the morning. “I just can’t let those kids stay out there like that” said Ms. Bozman, who lives in the Camelot neighborhood in Mojave. “Especially in the morning when the cars are blinded by the sun.” So Ms. Bozman called the local school district and convinced them to take steps to fix the problem. The school district cleared the bushes on the corner so the children can stand safely away from the road, and installed 2 large yellow signs that read “SCHOOL BUS STOP AHEAD” to warn oncoming traffic. “Maybe we’ll even put a bench and a barrier for the kids to stand behind” said Ms. Bozman, “it’s all about the kids”.

Ms. Bozman, a long time Mojave resident, is heavily involved with helping children in her neighborhood and in Mojave. She organized a food pantry, and provided turkey dinners to feed needy families this Thanksgiving. If you have any questions, or know somebody who needs food, or would like to contribute to her pantry, please call Ms. Bozman at 661-824-3265. The Mojave Foundation salutes Ms. Bozman for her personal initiative and selfless service to children in this community. Her efforts are well timed, considering the tragic incident on November 18th when a young girl was killed crossing route 58 on her way to high school. To make a donation to the family, please contact Kressa Coy at the high school at 661-824-4088, or the Elks Club at 661-824-2240.

9 houses broken into in 10 days

Mojave has been the center of a rash of break-ins the last two weeks. Nine houses have been broken into, or attempted to be broken into, mostly in the Miracle Manor neighborhood, or the O St, P St, Q St section of downtown. “We think it’s possibly the same guy hitting Mojave and Cal City” said Sergeant Williams, of the Mojave Sheriff’s Sub Station. The modus operandi of this burglar has been especially brazen. Each burglary he has entered the home while the victims are watching TV, sleeping, or eating dinner. He stealthily steals their purse or jewelry or other valuables and slinks out the window before anybody knows. Several residents saw somebody in their yard or trying to gain access to the window and scared the criminal off before alerting authorities. While no one has been hurt yet, deputies believe this burglar may be armed, due to the brazen nature of his crime, and ask that residents take a few simple precautions to secure their homes. SGT Williams recommends locking their windows and doors, especially at night, and putting a wooden or plastic dowel in the window sill to block the window from opening. He also asks residents to turn on as many exterior lights as possible and leave a light on in the house at night. Finally, he requests that residents call the Sheriff’s Office to report anything unusual. “You wouldn’t believe what people don’t report” says SGT Williams. “We conduct pattern analysis of each call, and each call helps deter crime.”