Mojave Air & Space Port

“There are a lot of small desert towns in the United States… but only ONE small desert town with a functioning SPACE PORT!”

Mojave, California holds a special place as the center of the commercial space industry; and since a successful industry depends on recruiting and retaining the world’s top talent, this community is critical to the long-term success of the commercial space industry and exploration. As industries compete for top university graduates, quality of life will play an increasingly important role in the decision engineers make about where to build a career. The Mojave Foundation aims to fundamentally change expectations about this community – to encourage people to live closer to where they work. We will do this by connecting private and public stake-holders with local development efforts, to deliver the security, housing, amenities, and beauty to support the jobs of the 21st century. Most importantly, we are dedicated full-time to providing the planning, fundraising and project management to ensure that Mojave is a more livable, attractive community on par with any knowledge-based city in the world.

There are several giants in the industry, developing breakthrough technologies in Mojave that will revolutionize the relationship between humans and space. Visionaries like Burt Rutan, Richard Branson and Paul Allen are fundamentally changing our relationship with space travel and space exploration, and keeping this groundbreaking industry here in Mojave requires Making our community compatible with the innovation and technology being developed here. Companies like Scaled Composits, Stratolaunch, Virgin Galactic, XCor, Masten, and Firestar are revolutionizing the industry and their engineers need a place to live. We want them here in Mojave.

Stratolaunch, Paul Allen’s concept currently under construction to be the world’s largest aircraft/spacecraft.

Spaceship Two, Virgin Galactic’s second concept is currently flight testing.

Scaled Composites, with 30 first flights in 30 years, designs, builds and test prototype aircraft.