We are developing high visibility community parks and gardens to promote social and environmental health, and keeping our neighborhoods free of graffiti and vandalism.

Specific tasks include:

Heritage Park Overview

Building community parks & gardens. The abundance (or lack of) green space in a town says the most about the health and vibrancy of a community. According to the USDA, Mojave is in a “food desert”, meaning we have both low income and low access to nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables. Many residents rely on the local liquor store or gas station for groceries. Plus, there are hundreds of acres of vacant or under-utilized land in our downtown area, including a 100-foot swatch of land stretching a mile and a quarter between the railroad and Sierra Highway. There is currently no barrier between the public and the high-volume of trains traveling 55 mph through town. We intend to build a decorative barrier between the train and the public, and a beautiful green space and historical walking path promoting Mojave unique train and aerospace heritage. We will also construct a series of community gardens to promote healthy eating, cultural diversity, and greater esprit décor within the community.

Graffiti - LeonRemoving graffiti & vandalism. Local residents and businesses are routinely vandalized with gang-related and obscene graffiti. The Mojave Foundation partners with Kern County General Services to remove graffiti, but they are 65 miles away in Bakersfield and rely on us to document, and prioritize graffiti in Mojave, and obtain the permission from property owners to remove it. The Mojave Foundation also has a rapid-reaction graffiti “task force”, comprised of volunteers and paint to remove the worst graffiti immediately. If you have graffiti on your property, click here to fill out the Graffiti Consent Form, take a picture of the completed form on your phone (in English or Spanish), and email it to

What do you think would make Mojave beautiful?

Let us know what we can do to make Mojave more attractive. What blight needs to be removed, and what can we do to inspire greater pride in our community? One of the ways we prioritize our beautification efforts is by conducting market research; and this is one of the best ways to collect quantifiable data. Please complete our short survey below.