Monthly Archives: July 2013

Code Compliance makes an impact

Mojave Foundation participated in a code compliance drive on June 29th to identify, document and record the most egregious housing & safety hazards in our downtown area. Already we have seen property owners are making improvements, and we commend those efforts. We will continue to educate homeowners and residents as to housing standards in Kern County, in an effort to raise expectations here in Mojave. Click here for a copy of the most up to date list of housing and codes & ordinances.

The drive on June 29th would not have been possible if it weren’t for the support of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, who provided 2 deputies to the effort; and the support of Michele Gardner, who participated in Saturday’s drive. The Mojave Foundation would like to thank KCSO and Gardner Realty for their professionalism and continued investment in the community.

Mojave stands up Volunteer Police Unit

Mojave Foundation is pleased to report 32 residents and business owners have volunteered to join the Citizen Service Unit (CSU). Our first official meeting is Thursday, July 18th in the Airport boardroom. Due to the overwelming support from the community, Kern County Sheriff’s Office has offered to send officials to Mojave to conduct all the administrative and training requirements locally, rather than making all the volunteers travel to Bakersfield. Mojave Foundation would like to thank SGT Williams for his ongoing support in standing up this unit, and we look forward to working with KCSO.

We feel that the CSU program is the first step to fundamentally changing expectations in Mojave, and convincing people that Mojave is a safe place to live and do business. CSUs perform non-hazardous law enforcement, and will never be asked to be in a confrontational situation. However, CSUs are another set of eyes and ears on the street, or they perform administrative duties to free up a deputy’s time so that he can get back on the street. The CSU program will make an impact in Mojave, as we are raising the cost of committing crime in this community.