Volunteer & Internships

VolunteersVolunteer – we are currently seeking volunteers for critical activities in the community. There are lots of ways that you can help in the community. Please fill out this short form and tell us what you would be interested in. There is a description of each activity and internship opportunities below.


Code Compliance. We desperately need someone to take the lead in identifying, cataloging, and opening cases on distressed properties in Mojave. This person needs to be trained in local ordinances, and have the integrity to pursue each case evenly. This person will work closely with code compliance officials, local law enforcement, and residents, and will likely have the largest single impact of anybody in Mojave.

Media/journalism. We are also looking for someone to help capture important events, profile people making contributions to the town, and explain important regional issues – and use our website to explain to the public why these things are important. We also want to create a 10-minute film to chronicle the unique history of this town, it’s proximity to the Space Port, and the development challenges we face on our way to a modern, thriving, cutting edge community.

Grant-writing. We need someone to work with Kern County, the state of California, and local organizations to identify potential grants that are compatible with the mission and purpose of the Foundation and community. This will require a lot of internet research and phone calls to identify potential grants, and then soliciting feedback from local residents and organizations to include in each grant application. Finally, this person will need to have excellent writing and diplomatic skills, as grants will often have to be submitted in coordination with Kern County.

Graffiti. We are especially looking for someone to catalog and report graffiti in town, and coordinate with property owners to obtain the necessary permissions to abate the graffiti.

Security cameras. We are looking for someone to coordinate our community-based surveillance system, to solicit donations for hardware and technical support, and to manage the camera infrastructure between residents, business owners and technicians.

Volunteer police. We’re currently recruiting for Citizen Service Unit (CSU) and Highway Patrol for volunteer law enforcement. Volunteers provide administrative duties, transport documents & vehicles between Mojave and Bakersfield, occasional patrolling, and most importantly – free up a deputy’s time so that he can be back on the street.

Administration. We’re also looking for an office manager to help coordinate activities and volunteers, manage our financial documents, fundraising, and helping keep track of the hundreds of activities the Foundation is involved in. This person can sit in our Mojave office and answer phones, coordinate meetings, and be the primary face of the organization.

InternshipInternships – At the Mojave Foundation, we believe in mentoring and developing talent, and giving people the opportunity to grow in ways they never expected, while serving their community at the same time. We will challenge you, and give you opportunities for networking and real executive experience you will never find outside of a fortune 500 company. Due to our small staff and oversized mission, you will have the unique opportunity to do real city planning, project management, and legislative affairs. As a representative of a 501c3 nonprofit organization, you will engage directly with corporate executives and government officials at the local, state and federal level. We will also teach you critical technical skills required in the modern age, such as geospacial analysis, website maintenance, finance and accounting. Successful applicants will play a significant role in building a thriving, cutting-edge community in Southern California, and possibly redefine the nature of public/private partnerships. If you are in school, about to graduate, or looking to launch your career in a different direction, please send your resume to Todd@MojaveFoundation.org.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer & Internships

  1. Jason delaTova

    Meet Todd Friday afternoon on Holt St. Great work! look forward to connecting and working with you all in the future!


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