We are promoting healthy neighborhoods and sustainability by cleaning and securing vacant homes, removing hazardous structures, and educating residents on how to build and upgrade their homes in environmentally-friendly ways.

Specific tasks include:



IMG_2629Promoting safe, “green”, attractive housing. We work with developers, government officials and home-buyers to replace blighted deteriorating houses with beautiful, green, zero net energy (ZNE) homes, in our downtown area. We also educate our current home owner on the benefits of sustainable building practices and home repair. The Mojave Foundation serves as a conduit to connect good tenants with quality, reputable property owners and landlords.

Mojave Cleanup 20130816 Highway GlassCleaning, securing & demolishing hazardous homes. There are dozens of abandoned and derelict homes in our downtown area, which present an immediate danger to the public, depress property values, and invite drugs and crime. They discourage any investment in our community, and send exactly the wrong message. The Mojave Foundation regularly organizes teams of volunteers to rapidly and efficiently clean vacant lots, board up abandoned buildings, and demolish derelict structures that cause an immediate fire and safety hazard to the community.

Kern County Housing Codes & Ordinances
Click here for a copy of the most up to date list of housing codes & ordinances.

What kind of housing do you want to live in in Mojave?
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