Residents continue cleanup efforts

Cleaning 20131012 sidewalkSaturday, October 12: Mojave residents came out in force again to clean up another empty lot overrun by trash and flammable debris and tumbleweeds. This weekend’s cleanup was sponsored by Revitalize Mojave, and led by Tim Kuster. The cleanup, which took place over two days, removed 6 truckloads to the dump, and removed one of the more visible fire hazards from our downtown area. Many of the trees are still charred – vivid reminders of how close Mojave came to facing a major fire in our downtown area. Volunteers trimmed back trees that had completely blocked the sidewalk and removed a layer of rotten pine needles several inches thick, which are a leading cause of respiratory allergies and ailments in Mojave’s dry desert climate. “This stuff is hard to breath” said volunteer Doug Clipperton, “now it’s going in the bag!” The Mojave Foundation applauds this latest is a series of cleanups, and we are committed to maintaining this momentum.
Cleaning 20131012 front lot

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