Next Entrepreneurship Workshop: Thursday, Nov 21th

Workshop RaimoneThe Mojave Foundation is proud to continue offering these free informational sessions to the public, helping aspiring business owners to draft a business plan, secure financing, select a location, and hire local employees. These workshops have already inspired several businesses to start here in Mojave, and we expect many more in the next several months. This week’s workshop will be led by Raimone Roberts of the Small Business Development Center in Los Angenles. Raimone will cover the basics of writing a financial outline for your business plan, and help entrepreneurs develop their “elevator pitch”, which is designed to help business owners clearly articulate what they do in 30 seconds or less. The next class will be at Anthony’s Grill, right next to Stater Bros., and will start at 6pm on Thursday, November 21st.

4 thoughts on “Next Entrepreneurship Workshop: Thursday, Nov 21th


    Hey Todd,FYI: You should probably pick a day in the week and keep to that day, regardless of whether the SBA people can show up or not and have a plan B ready for the people that show.  I got the email that it was today (thur).  But, Geri was determined that you said 2 weeks from the last one…that was on a wed.  We showed up anyways and so did several others.  They weren’t quite so understanding.  One woman was really looking forward to last night and had scheduled her Wednesday’s open so she would be free for the workshops.  But, today (Thur) she’ll be in LA.  She said if they keep changing the day then it’s not worth her trying to work around all her business schedules.  Several other people had the same sentiment.So, just thought I would give you a heads up.  You’re doing a GREAT job! See you tonight.Best regards,Roger

    1. mojavefoundation Post author

      Roger, great comment. I know this schedule has been difficult. I’m going to do the best I can to keep it to Wednesdays if possible. It breaks my heart if anybody can’t come to the class because we can’t keep our schedules strait. Good comment, and thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm.

    1. mojavefoundation Post author

      Wednesday January 29th. Bring your ideas, bring your business plans, there is likely to be potential investors and commercial property owners available to speak with directly.


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