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Habitat for Humanity Starts Building in Mojave!

IMG_20140809_101858_232August 9: For the first time in Mojave, Habitat for Humanity is in the process of rehabilitating a house in downtown Mojave. The house, 15556 K Street, is on the southeast corner of K and Trinity and was recently donated to Habitat by the family of the previous owner. The house, is undergoing massive restoration, including reinforcing and pouring a new foundation, a totally renovated kitchen, all new windows and doors, and updated bathroom, new roof, walls and interior paint. Habitat’s full time construction manager Eric Mosby is on site five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, coordinating new construction and materials.

IMG_20140809_101944_431This branch of Habitat is located in Bakersfield, and is looking for volunteers from Mojave community to help out during the week, and especially on Saturday. If Habitat can get greater community participation they can rehabilitate additional homes in Mojave; and if there is overwhelming community support there is the possibility of new home construction.

habitat-for-humanity-logoThe Mojave Foundation is an avid supporter of Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit 501c3 organization headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia dedicated to restoring and constructing safe, healthy housing to families around the world. Recipients of Habitat homes must be employed and undergo an extensive screening process. Contrary to popular myth, homeowners purchase the home, which is relatively inexpensive due to volunteer labor and donated materials, but are responsible for maintaing the property and are required to invest substantial levels of “sweat equity”. If you are interested in volunteering, please call Habitat’s volunteer coordinator, Pat Rhodes at 661-861-8449, or email at Click here for the global Habitat for Humanity organization; click here for the Bakersfield Habitat for Humanity branch.

Housing Repair Grants Available in Mojave

USDA Home Repair Grant & Loan Program

USDA Home Repair Program USDAThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a housing grant up to $7,500 for Kern County residents who are (a) low income, (b) own their own home, and (c) at least 62 years old. Qualified recipients must use licensed contractors, and use the money for home repairs such as broken windows, roofing, and health & safety upgrades. Applicants must also live in the home being repaired and demonstrate “low” or “very low” income (see below).

The USDA also has low interest loans up to $20,000 available to residents who are (a) low income, and (b) own their own home. Loans have an interest rate of 1 percent, and the payback period for loan is up to 20 years. Qualified recipients must also have an acceptable credit history, including no collections, judgments, liens, or delinquent federal debts.

For questions contact Mary Norton at the USDA branch in Bakersfield at 661-336-0976 (ext. 133), or Mary.Norton@USDA.CA.GOV. Click here for an application. Kern County Income Requirements: The Mojave Foundation believes that basic home repair is critical to providing a safer and healthier community, and inspiring greater pride in our community. We are willing to help residents fill out applications and win grants or loans to repair their houses. For help, contact Marlena Rowely at

USDA Very Low Income