Mojave is HIRING!

There are over 200 positions being filled in Mojave right, including everything from high skill engineers to low to medium skill customer service and maintenance. “We’re always looking for technicians, service writers, and parts counter help” says Brenda Segal of Desert Truck Service on Highway 58. This summer, Virgin Galactic is looking to hire up to 100 full time technicians and engineers, and other companies on the airport are hiring up to 100 fabricators and engineers. “We would rather pull from Mojave” according to Lisa Holden, Human Resource Director at Virgin Galactic. Mojave suffers from 26% unemployment, but many Mojave residents are simply unaware that so many companies in town are short staffed. “We’re even willing to train new people” says Brenda, “and we have a profit sharing bonus plan, which has paid out 6 of the last 7 months”.

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