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Mojave Getting Sidewalks in 2016

Sidewalks County Plan 20151120Nov 20: Kern County Roads announced in September that Mojave won a $0.9 million grant from California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) to bring Sidewalks to Mojave. The grant, part of CalTrans’ “Safe Routes to School” program, will bring sidewalks to every street in downtown Mojave, and ensure children and pedestrians can walk safely and confidently throughout our community. Mojave tied with two other cities in California for the highest score among 617 applications competing for $180 million in state-wide transportation funding. Kern County will also contribute $350,000 to bring the total project to $1.2 million.

Sidewalks - family walkingSidewalks will extend from Sierra Highway to the Airport, and from highway 58 to the overpass on the north end of town. Sidewalks will also be installed along Barstow Road in Mojave Gardens. Construction is expected to begin by the end of 2016.

The Mojave Foundation is proud to have contributed to the this project, and liaised between Kern County Roads, Mojave Unified School District, Kern Country Sheriff’s Office, Mojave Air & Space Port, and a myriad of other stakeholders in the community who wrote dozens of letters of support. The Foundation also looks forward to capitalizing on this progress by restoring Streetlights and other safety improvements in our streets.

Mojave High Sponsors E-Waste Recycling Day

E-waste flyerThis Saturday, October 11, please bring your old TV, computer, microwave, 8-track… anything with a power chord – and bring it to the Mojave High School parking lot. Drop off is completely free, and is an environmentally-responsible way to dispose of used electronic equipment. The event is sponsored by the Mojave High Science Club, who will be there from 8am to 3pm on Saturday. They will even come pick it up for your if you need help. Call 661-824-4088 (ext 326) if you have any questions or need help transporting your electronics.

Mojave’s First Community Garden Meeting

20 August 2014IMG_20140820_170325_552

The Mojave Foundation hosted it’s first community garden meeting at the site of the first ever community garden on an active Space Port.  Organizer Joyce Nash, of the Mojave Foundation, welcomed the future gardeners at the 1300 square foot space that will be divided into 10-12 gardening plots for gardeners to grow items of their choosing.

“Where else on the planet can gardeners grow their fruits and vegetables in the shadow of a Rotary Rocket? Or with SpaceShipTwo flying overhead?” commented Marlena Rowley.

“Mojave is a community that strives to be a safe, beautiful and desirable place to LIVE and WORK,” says Nash, “with the realization that The Mojave Foundation will provide direction and attract support for the garden project from long term Mojave residents and airport employees.”

To become involved with the planning of Mojave’s community garden project feel free to leave a comment or call The Mojave Foundation ofIMG_20140820_170342_246fice at 661-749-0940.

New Neighborhood Watch Signs are Up!


Brand new sign 

July2014 (1)

Weathered sign at M and Inyo streets

Debbie Crocoll from Mojave’s Neighborhood Watch group was happy to annouce that the vandalized, sun-faded, weathered and worn Neighborhood Watch signs at M and Inyo streets and also at L and Cerro Gordo streets were replaced by Mojave Foundation volunteer Leon Ryder early this week. The new signs look great!

Contact Debbie if you would like to order an extra large (18″X 24″) Neighborhood Watch sign for $28.00 including shipping and tax.
Thank you again, Leon Ryder for your continued dedication to helping keep Mojave SAFE and BEAUTIFUL!

The Mojave Foundation Selected as Featured Non-profit Organization by The Kern Community Foundation



The Mojave Foundation was notified today that it has been selected as one of the featured non-profit organizations that will be highlighted at a Philanthropy on Tap event at Imbibe Wine Bar in Bakersfield this fall.  The Kern Community Foundation has been an indispensable resource for The Mojave Foundation and many other local community-based organizations throughout Kern County.

According to their website, The Kern Community Foundation is known as:

  • a home for local philanthropists.
  • a results-oriented grantmaker.
  • a trusted community leader.

And are in business:

  • to serve as a charitable resource for local donors and corporations.
  • to generate capital that provides philanthropic solutions to help make Kern County a better place to live, to work and to visit.

The Mojave Foundation is honored to have been selected from the numerous other applicants.  Stay tuned for more details!


Ignite your Health with Abundant Harvest Organics

Abundant Harvest Organics is excited to offer you a quick and easy way to get your hands on local, organic and seasonally grown produce.  Also available are organic meat (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork), organic dairy (including butter, cheese, raw milk and pastured eggs) and nuts, beans and herbs. Delivered to you right here at the Mojave Air and Space Port, saving you time and money to help simplify your life!  Abundant Harvest Organics is an alliance of small family farmers who are dedicated to growing superior organic produce.

Currently, the delivery date is Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30. Small boxes (for 2-4 people) are $24.80 and large boxes (for 4-6 people) are $40.30.  You can also customize your delivery schedule to allow for vacations, or even set up every-other-week deliveries.  Visit the Abundant Harvest Organics website to sign up.

(Special Thanks to Jaime Nieto for sharing this information!)

Mojave Makes a Great Filming Location!

In October 2013, crews arrived in Mojave to take advantage of the prime filming location at the old aluminum extruding plant on Holt Ave. At that time, the director, Karl Richter stated “This warehouse and the desert backdrop… this location was just perfect.” One actor even suggested that land owners in Mojave advertise their properties in Hollywood, and that Mojave start a catalog of interesting locations here in Mojave. The Mojave Foundation would like to thank Mr. Richter, Russell Greene, and all the staff and actors who came to Mojave to film this movie, and we look forward to helping other film makers find interesting locations here in Mojave to make their movie magic.

This video is the final product.

Graffiti Removal

Leon Ryder once again beat the Mojave heat and tackled some graffiti that plagued our small desert town. The Mojave Foundation would like to thank Mr. Ryder and his efforts to rid this town of the unnecessary and unwanted blight. If you have any interest in helping Leon Ryder or the efforts of The Mojave Foundation, please call our office at 661-749-0940.After

Tradgedy Inspires Good Samaritan

Crossing guardDecember 4: Mojave has another Good Samaritan, this time helping children cross highway 58 safely before and after school. Paul Smith, of Mojave Gardens, was so deeply affected by the death last week of Raven Knight that he volunteered to stand post at the crosswalk all day by himself to help pedestrians cross the four-lane highway safely. Mr. Smith got a safety vest and a hand-held stop sign from the school and vows to stay at his post until a street light or safety device is installed to protect the children on their way to school every day. Mr. Smith, a retired truck mechanic, has lived in Mojave only a few months, but long enough to observe Ms. Knight to be a kind and spirited young lady. “We just have to care more about people” exclaims Mr. Smith just before he helps another teenager cross the highway, “we have to take care of them better.”

This is the third “Good Samaritan” we have discovered in Mojave, and we are inspired by the selfless service of these individuals. The Mojave Foundation salutes Mr. Smith and others like him, who do not seek praise, nor compensation – they only implore that the rest of us do more to “take better care of each other”. We encourage all residents to say thank you to Mr. Smith, or better yet, pick up a safety vest and help him stand guard and protect our children.