Mojave strives to keep its school open

Mojave residents are going door-to-door trying to pass a parcel tax measure in next month’s election that would allow Mojave to keep its high school open indefinitely. Early this year Mojave Unified School District (MUSD) was faced with closing Mojave High due to systemic budget cuts and funding shortfalls from the state of California. After much public outcry, the school board elected to keep the school open one more year through a combination of salary cuts and deficit spending. But now the money has run out and the school is faced with closing at the end of this school year.

To keep the school open indefinitely, the board has arranged for a parcel tax to be placed on the ballot this November 5th. Measure “C” would assign a $42 tax on each parcel in Mojave, and would funnel enough revenue to keep Mojave High open indefinitely. The measure would allow Mojave High to continue teach “A through G” curriculum, and keep some of the new academic programs, such as vocational, medical, and solar training. The measure would not impact residents in Cal City in any way, nor residents over 65 years old. “We’re looking for residents to help go door-to-door to help get out the message” says Paul Carol, a 4th grade teacher at Mojave elementary school, who is leading the parcel tax drive. The Mojave Foundation is not affiliated in any way with this or any political measures, but we recognize how critical a high school is to maintaining the health and vibrancy of any community.

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