Concerned citizens clean up ANOTHER empty lot

On Sunday, September 22nd Mojave residents John Davis, Dorothy Galton and Jesse Rangel cleaned up another empty lot in our downtown area. Mr. Davis, 53, selflessly cleaned up that lot and several others over the course of the previous several weeks, and that Sunday Mrs. Galton and Mr. Rangel offered to pitch in to haul the massive pile of branches and trash to the dump. This cleanup could not have been possible without the truck and trailer, provided by Mr. Rangel at his own expense. “It’s a pleasure watching the community get cleaned up, and I’m just glad there’s people willing to help out.” The Mojave Foundation is proud to recognize Mr. Davis who has been volunteering his time cleaning up lots all over town, Mrs. Galton has been instrumental in leading several major projects cleaning and securing hazardous buildings all over town, and Mr. Rangel who has provided the equipment for several large cleanups in Mojave.

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