Local resident fixes school in his spare time

Bill 20131001Long time Mojave resident Bill Wilson has been donating his time late into the evening to fix the brick sidewalk and other maintenance projects at his Alma matter, Mojave High. Mr Wilson, 72, has been working silently, seeking no recognition, and very few people probably noticed him working well into the night. The Mojave Foundation took this picture of Mr. Wilson after 8pm one night, as he was replacing bricks that had come lose over the years. “I just like to give back” said Mr. Wilson, “This is my old school… I was on the first ever football team in 1953… I know the school doesn’t have any money, so this is my way of giving back.” Parents and children walk along the carefully laid brick sidewalk every day, but are little aware that Mr. Wilson silently labors long into the night to make the school presentable. Next time you walk along the brick sidewalk at Mojave High, think of Mr. Wilson… next time you see Mr. Wilson, say thanks!

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