Entrepreneurship workshop – Tuesday, October 22

RaimoneThe Mojave Foundation is proud to sponsor a series of Entrepreneurial Workshops, starting Tuesday, October 22 at Anthony’s Grill (next to Stater Bros) at 6 p.m. Raimone Roberts of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Los Angeles is our first guest speaker, and will explain the basics of starting your own business: how to write a business plan, submit the documentation, insurance, taxes, etc. There are several business opportunities in Mojave that are desperately needed right now – a coffee shop, a cleaning service, a restaurant, a bakery, a day care, plumbing, etc. – but the paperwork and legal requirements can be daunting. Raimone will de-mistify a lot of the technical hurdles, and put the tools in your hand to confidently start your own business. We will also discus how startups can pool their resources through a “small business incubator” to take advantage of economies of scale while their idea grows and matures. Raimone is a former Air Force officer, and owner of his own consulting firm. Raimone is an expert on small business start-ups in the Antelope Valley, and has helped hundreds of small businesses get started.

JayThis kicks off a series of bi-weekly meetings supported by Raimone and fellow SBDC expert, Jay Thompson of CSU Bakersfield. Jay is a long-time business leader in Kern County, and owner of his own financial services consulting firm. Jay is a respected leader in Kern County, and has helped numerous businesses get started here. Jay and Raimone will alternate hosting bi-weekly meetings, and each meeting will cover a different aspect of entrepreneurship – marketing, financing, taxes, business plan writing, etc. These meetings are open to ALL residents and business owners in Mojave, and designed to help entrepreneurs to start thinking about the kinds of businesses they want to start or expand into. The Mojave Foundation is working closely with the Chamber of Commerce and the Revitalize Committee to bring critical amenities and lifestyle businesses back to Mojave, which is critical to support a thriving and healthy community.

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