Mojave Makes a Great Filming Location!

In October 2013, crews arrived in Mojave to take advantage of the prime filming location at the old aluminum extruding plant on Holt Ave. At that time, the director, Karl Richter stated “This warehouse and the desert backdrop… this location was just perfect.” One actor even suggested that land owners in Mojave advertise their properties in Hollywood, and that Mojave start a catalog of interesting locations here in Mojave. The Mojave Foundation would like to thank Mr. Richter, Russell Greene, and all the staff and actors who came to Mojave to film this movie, and we look forward to helping other film makers find interesting locations here in Mojave to make their movie magic.

This video is the final product.

1 thought on “Mojave Makes a Great Filming Location!

  1. Joyce Grant

    Hi Todd, May I incorporate some of this information into our article on the status of the ‘Waterworld’ oil tanker movie prop determined at this week’s airport board meeting? We plan to run the photo distributed at the meeting. Also, I did write a whole article on the Western Village Cleanup, but there wasn’t room for it. I’m sorry, but at least we got a photo in! Thank you, Joyce Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 18:41:27 +0000 To:


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