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Mojave Community Garden Survey

Community gardens are pieces of land where plants are grown and maintained by a group of individuals in the community. They are generally divided into plots for individual, family, or group use, and can host a variety of community events.

The Revitalize Mojave Vision Plan outlined how community gardens would add value to Mojave, and address several of its critical needs. The Mojave Foundation, whose mission is to encourage grassroots development of Mojave, is well placed to organize and execute the development and construction of a community garden.

We need your input to develop Mojave’s community garden into a useful and valuable space!

Please follow the link to the following survey.


Desert Truck Hosts Community Class; Celebrates 30 years

Desert Truck ClassMay 15: Mojave’s own Desert Truck Service hosted a free class on air brake repair open to the entire community. The class was taught by a representative of Haldex Group, a leading supplier of air brake parts and components for heavy trucks. “We put this class on about once a year” said Brenda Segal, co-owner of Desert Truck Service. “It’s open to anybody who wants to learn about air brakes and heavy truck repair.”

Desert Truck Service is also hiring. Located on Hwy-58, just across from the Mojave Air & Space Port, Desert Truck celebrated 30 years in Mojave on April 13, and they have been a reliable job creator and community partner. “We never take down our Help Wanted sign” said Mrs. Segal. Qualified applicants need only be 25 years old with a California drivers license, clean driving record, and drug free. Desert Truck is typically looking for technicians, service writers, or drivers, and is always willing to train new skills. The Mojave Foundation congratulates Desert Truck Service on 30 years in Mojave, and salutes their commitment to the community.

Mojave Remembers the Fallen

Memorial Day - Reece 2014May 26: Mojave remembered the the fallen on this Memorial Day, in the Mojave Cemetery. The event was organized by Mojave’s own Cathy Hansen, and featured speakers Doug Clipperton, of the Mojave Chamber of Commerce, Flora Belle Reece, who transported fighter planes across the country in WWII, and Captain Todd Quelet, a Civil Affairs Officer and veteran of Afghanistan. Mr. Clipperton described the sacrifices that that his father endured as a B-17 pilot in WWII, and the hundreds of pilots lost in service to their cause. Ms Reece described the events of Pearl Harbor through the eyes of Admiral Nimitz, and despite the thousands of lives lost, how the United States emerged from that tragedy with remarkable luck, perseverance and determination.

Memorial Day - Quelet 2014CPT Quelet commemorated  the service men and women and civilians who have given their last full measure of devotion in the service of their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. He explained how they died promoting “American” values abroad, but that these values are so universal that they transcend any one country, and belong to the world. CPT Quelet went on to call on the living to honor the dead by continuing their work here at home by investing in our own communities. (To see a video of the speech click here.)

Queens Campaign for Cleanup on Friday May 23rd

Mojave QueensMay 19: The Mojave Queens teamed up with the Mojave Foundation and several local volunteers to knock on doors in Western Village, to tell residents about a cleanup in that Neighborhood on Friday, May 23rd at 8:00 a.m. Mojave Queens included Miss Mojave, Merysa Rangel, a junior at Mojave High; Ana Marquiz, Miss Junior Mojave; and Rhaylene Joaquin, Little Miss Mojave. “We all need to pull together to keep this place clean” said volunteer Isaac Martin, a junior at Mojave High, “These guys are trying to do a good thing, and we all need to pitch in.” Mojave’s own volunteer police squad, Citizen Service Unit (CSU), also participated, providing security and overwatch while our volunteers walked door to door.

Before - Edwin-2The cleanup on Friday will target three areas in Western Village that have accumulated garbage and furniture for years, including the desert and alley behind Edwin Street, and the apartments on Milton. The Mojave Foundation is determined to partner with local residents in the affected area to help remove the trash and keep the neighborhood clean once and for all. Volunteers also passed out information on Neighborhood Watch and graffiti consent forms, which allow The Mojave Foundation to remove graffiti immediately with the permission of the property owner. The Mojave Foundation would also like thank Leon Ryder for organizing the door-to-door campaign and the cleanup this Friday.

Great American Air Race – “UNBELIEVABLE!”

Air Race-1April 29: By Dan Kreigh. For the stock race, normally eight planes IS a crowded field. We had FIFTEEN race planes!!! It sounded like a heard of confused mosquitoes feeling their way around the pylons. We had six P-51s, six T-28s, one P-40, one Duet and one Champ. The Brian Min’s Duet was the only thrust vectored controlled entry using two propellers. (I think it hit the pylon) Veteran race pilot Stan Hinman handedly won the Gold Stock Race with an early P-51 model.

Air Race-2The Unlimited race was equally chaotic insane shearpandemonium impressive!!  These were the reckless fast boys!!  Racers ran the gambit which included fearless IFO’s, THREE ducted fan jets, an Icon, a Stryker, T-28’s …..and misc…. In the end, rookie Colin Bowman took the Gold Unlimited with his micro Habu ducted fan jet with some smooth precise flying.  But there are reported rumors that there are some pretty fast planes in the works ….so savor your victory while you can Colin…..

Air Race-3Last but not least, the combat round took a dubious turn when IFO piloted by Mason Hutchison snagged and drug two models behind it.  Mason had a regular streamer and a second “legal” mylar streamer.  But the un-cutable mylar streamer tangled in the props of two hapless models pulling them along like flies stuck to fly paper.  Interesting strategy Mason….  With three models stuck together as one, Mason got the most points and won the first Combat round!  Below, Mason’s black IFO is pictured dragging Jeromy’s IFO and Elliot’s P-51 around….  Also shown is Shalom Johnson’s Icon model in the combat mix.

Each winner gets a perpetual trophy that is handed from winner to winner with the new winner’s name on it.  A record of the past winners is also recorded on the trophies. Congratulations to Stan Hinman, Colin Bowman, Mason Hutchison and Erik Lassen (for being brave enough to enter the only Champ). More Pictures and Videos can be seen at:
U:\Engineering Department\Au_Howard
Z:\Scaled People Facilities Special Events\Company Events\Air Races\2014_Season

Next Race, Friday May 16th, at the Mojave Airport on Byers’ road, (behind the Sheriff station), 9:00 break!!

Mojave Fly-In Attracts Worldwide Attention

Fly-in racerApril 19-20: Over 1,500 people and 500 planes descended on the Mojave Air & Space Port this Saturday and Sunday to participate in what organizers are calling one of the most unique events in Aviation history. The Mojave Experimental Fly-In (click here for link) featured nine speed record attempts, an awards dinner, and planes from all over the world flying in to participate. Seven new speed records were set by five separate airplanes. “There have never been more records set by more airplanes at any event in the history of aviation record setting.” Says event organizer, Elliot Seguin.

Fly-in planeThe purpose of the event was to highlight and promote experimental aviators, an the unique place Mojave holds as a mecca for home-builders and innovation. “The last renaissance of experimental aviation was spearheaded by Burt Rutan in Mojave during the 80’s” says Seguin, a senior Scaled Composites engineer, “I believe we are seeing the dawn of another renaissance.” Mojave is uniquely positioned to attract this type of testing and building, and the Mojave Air & Space Port relies on the engineers and enthusiasts to continue pushing the limits here as much as the experimental pilots and designers rely on Mojave to keep the culture of innovation fresh and relevant.

The core of the event is Cathy Hansen’s Plane Crazy Saturday, which is a monthly event put on by the Mojave Transportation Museum (click here for link). The fly-in hopes to be an annual outgrowth of plane crazy Saturday and was originally designed by local Mojave residents, Seguin and Hansen, to help Mojave companies like Scaled Composites find engineers.

The Awards Dinner featured 150 guests, and featured local rock band “Shame and Glory”, as well as NASA Flight Director & Kittplanes Editor, Paul Dye, who spoke about taking risks in flight testing. Five individuals were recognized during the dinner for their contributions to flight testing, building, designing and experimentation.

For more information, pictures, a list of records, and video of Tom Aberle’s 3km speed record attempt, visit the Mojave Experamental Fly-In website at

Miss Mojave – Merysa Rangel

Merysa RangelMarch 22: Our new Miss Mojave, Merysa Rangel, was crowned Saturday March 22nd at Mojave Elementary School. Rhaylene Joaquin is our new Little Miss Mojave, and our new Junior Miss Mojave is Ana Marquiz. The Mojave Foundation would like to congratulate all the young ladies and contestants for representing Mojave with such grace and poise, especially former Miss Mojave, Hailee Reinke, recently profiled in the AV Press as one of the future leaders of the Antelope Valley to watch for.