Neighbors defend cleanup

Saturday, August 17: Within 30 minutes of the last board going up on the apartment building cleaned up by local volunteers over the weekend, 3 men tried to pry open the boards and enter the building. But the neighbors apparently like the new look of the property, and immediately called the Sheriff’s Department. Within five minutes, four squad cars arrived on the scene, and one gave chase. Two suspects were temporarily detained, and the building has not been disturbed since.

We are starting to gather inertia behind these cleanup efforts, and it is encouraging that the neighbors are starting to take pride in their community. But the gains are fragile, and it’s important that we prevent the neighborhood from slipping back into disrepair. The Mojave Foundation intends to consolidate these gains through a campaign to reduce blight and improve the attractiveness of our community; but ultimately it’s the residents themselves that must take ownership of their own neighborhood. If you see a building that poses a health or safety risk to the community, let us know. If you see criminal activity in your neighborhood, call the Sheriff. Pride is a fragile thing, and we must nurture it at all costs. We cannot be silent anymore.

2 thoughts on “Neighbors defend cleanup

  1. Mike Fortuna

    This is a great example of leading from the front. All too often we see politicians that throw money at problems, show up for 5 minutes for a photo op, then leave without getting their hands dirty. The Mojave Foundation, directed by Todd Quelet is showing true leadership. That quality of “let’s just do it” is what helps to spur people like Dorothy Galton and others to pitch in. Some folks in Mojave believe that there are members of the community who don’t want the town to improve. While there might be a few who think that way, I believe the citizens who called the police when 3 men tried to break into the boarded up buildings, shows that Mojave residents really do want to improve it. I too want to thank Highway Glass and Karl’s Hardware for their generous help in securing the property after the cleanup. The Chamber of Commerce should designate them both as Businesses of the month.

  2. Cynthia Hodgkinson

    CONGRATULATIONS ON A FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!!!!! Mojave is coming back to the way it was in the old days. We still have many families in Mojave who still have respect for their families and their community, but we need all residents to have that respect for their families and their community. It is not only healthy to keep our community clean in the physical way, it is also healthy for the mind, spirit and soul. Keep up your PRIDE with your families and our community. Thanks to all who can do the physical labor and thanks to all those residence who can keep their eyes open, listen and communicate, especially to the law enforcers to help keep Mojave clean of the physical trash and criminal activity.

    Thank you


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