Volunteers go to Jethawk’s game in STYLE

Jethawks 20130826 Group3On Sunday, August 25th, 10 volunteers from last week’s cleanup effort watched the ball game from the corporate suite at Jethawks stadium in Lancaster, compliments of the Mojave Air & Space Port (MASP). The airport donated the suite to all the volunteers and businesses who contributed to last week’s cleanup efforts, as a token of appreciation for the positive contributions to the community. On the weekend of August 17 these volunteers eliminated the single biggest drug & crime magnet in Mojave when they cleaned and boarded up an abandoned 10-unit apartment complex on K Street. “We all have to help each other out” said Dorothy Galton, who initiated last week’s cleanup efforts “and this is just the beginning”. The project could not have been sustainable without the contributions from Highway Glass, who boarded up the structure for free, and Karl’s Hardware, who donated the materials.

Donating the corporate suite to the volunteers was a good way for MASP to engage the community and show their appreciation for the positive efforts being made in Mojave. “These volunteers deserve credit for achieving results” said Karina Drees, the Assistant General Manager at MASP. The efforts must be catching on because home owners all over town are cleaning up their properties, particularly on K Street. On Friday, John Davis  even cleaned up the empty lot west of the Post Office on his own time. “I just like to do it”, said Davis, “I can do it quickly, and it makes me feel good.”

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