Concerned resident cleans up town

IMG_20130913_145636_093A local Mojave resident has been taking it upon himself to clean up various abandoned lots in town – for no other reason than he cares about his community and wants to make Mojave more presentable. John Davis, 52 has been out of work for months, but hasn’t wasted any time in finding selfless ways to give back to the community. “I don’t mind” says John, “Sometimes I get bored, and I just want to do something positive.”

It is little known how essential John has become to keeping our streets clean and presentable. John has personally cleaned up at least 5 lots since May, and his selfless dedication has inspired countless others to do the same. You will probably see John cleaning up around town, and if you do, stop by to say thanks – or even better, hire him to clean up a property that has been bothering YOU!

1 thought on “Concerned resident cleans up town

  1. Susan Fortuna

    John is an example of a jewel in the desert – just quietly going about making Mojave a better place to live and asking for nothing in return. If Mojave had such a thing as a “key to the city”, he’d be at the top of the list to get it!


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