Mojave’s First Community Garden Meeting

20 August 2014IMG_20140820_170325_552

The Mojave Foundation hosted it’s first community garden meeting at the site of the first ever community garden on an active Space Port.  Organizer Joyce Nash, of the Mojave Foundation, welcomed the future gardeners at the 1300 square foot space that will be divided into 10-12 gardening plots for gardeners to grow items of their choosing.

“Where else on the planet can gardeners grow their fruits and vegetables in the shadow of a Rotary Rocket? Or with SpaceShipTwo flying overhead?” commented Marlena Rowley.

“Mojave is a community that strives to be a safe, beautiful and desirable place to LIVE and WORK,” says Nash, “with the realization that The Mojave Foundation will provide direction and attract support for the garden project from long term Mojave residents and airport employees.”

To become involved with the planning of Mojave’s community garden project feel free to leave a comment or call The Mojave Foundation ofIMG_20140820_170342_246fice at 661-749-0940.

3 thoughts on “Mojave’s First Community Garden Meeting

  1. Patricia Rose

    Great first meeting! Looking forward to meeting and working with others to make Mojave a better place to live!

  2. Paisley Close

    I live in Mojave and would love to get involved with the garden. My husband works at Scaled & I teach yoga there, too. This would be another way to get involved in our community! Let me know how I can help.

  3. Paisley Close

    I’d love to get involved. I teach yoga at Scaled, so I’m already at the airport 3x/week. Let me know how I can help!


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