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Mojave Makes a Great Filming Location!

In October 2013, crews arrived in Mojave to take advantage of the prime filming location at the old aluminum extruding plant on Holt Ave. At that time, the director, Karl Richter stated “This warehouse and the desert backdrop… this location was just perfect.” One actor even suggested that land owners in Mojave advertise their properties in Hollywood, and that Mojave start a catalog of interesting locations here in Mojave. The Mojave Foundation would like to thank Mr. Richter, Russell Greene, and all the staff and actors who came to Mojave to film this movie, and we look forward to helping other film makers find interesting locations here in Mojave to make their movie magic.

This video is the final product.

Graffiti Removal

Leon Ryder once again beat the Mojave heat and tackled some graffiti that plagued our small desert town. The Mojave Foundation would like to thank Mr. Ryder and his efforts to rid this town of the unnecessary and unwanted blight. If you have any interest in helping Leon Ryder or the efforts of The Mojave Foundation, please call our office at 661-749-0940.After

Tradgedy Inspires Good Samaritan

Crossing guardDecember 4: Mojave has another Good Samaritan, this time helping children cross highway 58 safely before and after school. Paul Smith, of Mojave Gardens, was so deeply affected by the death last week of Raven Knight that he volunteered to stand post at the crosswalk all day by himself to help pedestrians cross the four-lane highway safely. Mr. Smith got a safety vest and a hand-held stop sign from the school and vows to stay at his post until a street light or safety device is installed to protect the children on their way to school every day. Mr. Smith, a retired truck mechanic, has lived in Mojave only a few months, but long enough to observe Ms. Knight to be a kind and spirited young lady. “We just have to care more about people” exclaims Mr. Smith just before he helps another teenager cross the highway, “we have to take care of them better.”

This is the third “Good Samaritan” we have discovered in Mojave, and we are inspired by the selfless service of these individuals. The Mojave Foundation salutes Mr. Smith and others like him, who do not seek praise, nor compensation – they only implore that the rest of us do more to “take better care of each other”. We encourage all residents to say thank you to Mr. Smith, or better yet, pick up a safety vest and help him stand guard and protect our children.

Tragedy Strikes Mojave, Residents Rally

November 18: A young girl was tragically killed by a vehicle while crossing highway 58 on Monday morning on her way to school. The driver of the vehicle was on his way to work, and likely blinded by the sun and could not see the young girl. The community of Mojave is in Morning, and residents are asking what they can do for the family. The high school is currently receiving donations; for more information please call Kressa Coy at 661-824-4088, The Elks Lodge is also having a bake sale at 10am on Saturday as well as a fundraising dinner from 5 to 7pm Saturday evening.

This is the third deadly accident in Mojave in 2 weeks. On the evening of November 6th, a man was hit by a car crossing the highway near Stater Bros. The man was dead until a nurse driving by stopped and performed CPR, and brought the man back to life. The man was riding his bike after dark, and the driver could not see the man crossing the road. On the evening of November 8th, a car was hit by another vehicle while conducting a U Turn, and one of the occupants was then hit by another car while seeking help. Visibility is a common problem in Mojave, where there is a particularly large density of pedestrian traffic, in a town surrounded by highways with vehicles traveling at high rates of speed. The Mojave Foundation is determined to make this community safer, and more compatible with pedestrian traffic by increasing overhead street lighting, reducing vehicle speeds, and introducing cross-walks in key pedestrian corridors. To support this initiative or offer some additional suggestions, please email

Local Resident Fixes Dangerous Bus Stop

Bus stopNovember 13: After seeing cars whizzing by her street at 60mph, Charlotte Bozman noticed that the children were dangerously close to the road while waiting for the bus in the morning. “I just can’t let those kids stay out there like that” said Ms. Bozman, who lives in the Camelot neighborhood in Mojave. “Especially in the morning when the cars are blinded by the sun.” So Ms. Bozman called the local school district and convinced them to take steps to fix the problem. The school district cleared the bushes on the corner so the children can stand safely away from the road, and installed 2 large yellow signs that read “SCHOOL BUS STOP AHEAD” to warn oncoming traffic. “Maybe we’ll even put a bench and a barrier for the kids to stand behind” said Ms. Bozman, “it’s all about the kids”.

Ms. Bozman, a long time Mojave resident, is heavily involved with helping children in her neighborhood and in Mojave. She organized a food pantry, and provided turkey dinners to feed needy families this Thanksgiving. If you have any questions, or know somebody who needs food, or would like to contribute to her pantry, please call Ms. Bozman at 661-824-3265. The Mojave Foundation salutes Ms. Bozman for her personal initiative and selfless service to children in this community. Her efforts are well timed, considering the tragic incident on November 18th when a young girl was killed crossing route 58 on her way to high school. To make a donation to the family, please contact Kressa Coy at the high school at 661-824-4088, or the Elks Club at 661-824-2240.

Code Compliance initiates Blight Reduction in Mojave

InyoFriday, October 4: Residents in Mojave may have noticed some men cleaning and boarding up a distressed property on Inyo Street last Friday. This property, kitty-corner from the elementary school, on Inyo has been a dangerous invitation for drugs and crime for years, and finally it is secure. The two men were from Kern County’s Code Compliance department, which is preparing to launch a new campaign in Mojave. “We go anywhere they tell us” according to one of the men, who arrived earlier that day from Bakersfield. The Mojave Foundation is determined to clean up and secure these vacant properties, and eventually demolish these derelict structures, which present an immediate danger to public health and safety. We look forward to working closely with Code Compliance and applaud their efforts to make Mojave a safer, more attractive place to live.

Locals fix their own pot holes

PotholeOctober 4: Local motorists on L Street have been frustrated with a menacing pot hole that has grown increasingly dangerous in the past several months. Two local residents finally had enough, and found an innovative way to fix the problem. They found a construction crew repaving another parking lot in town, and managed to scrounge several buckets of asphalt. They loaded the black stuff into a garbage can, transported it over to L Street and filled in the pothole by hand! Shawn and Casey, pictured above, have been living in Mojave for years, and are trying to make the community a safer, more attractive place to live. “We all have to work together and keep an eye out for each other” said Shawn, 30. “Some people just don’t know how to do things the right way” said Casey, 38, as he carefully puts the finishing touches on the final layer of asphalt. The Mojave Foundation commends this kind of selfless service, and is proud to highlight this next generation of can-do residents.